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      Pacific Precise was founded by our chairman of the board, Mr. Peter Wu who has great experiences in cargo control system making, especially for ratchet buckles, cam buckles, overcenter buckles, winches, hooks, webbings,etc.

About two decades ago, the first ratchet buckle manufactured in Taiwan was shipped to Europe by Pacific Precise. Since then, we research and develop series of cargo control products. In 1996, due to our effort, we were the first one in Taiwan to gain the award of ISO 9002 Certificate of Approval among all the ratchet buckle producers.

In order to make our products with good quality and cost effective in such a competitive market, we have expanded our production lines to Malaysia(1992) and China(1998). In which, the main management staff is from Taiwan or overseas.

Here in Pacific Precise, we emphasize Everything Made In House a lot. So, with regard to product quality, best pricing as well as customer service, we have won our reputation in this industry and have spread out our business to many countries such as Switzerland, England, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Holland, France, Australia, America, Japan, etc.

  • Weaving


    We interlace straps for different kind of products such as for ratchet tie down, webbing slings etc.

  • Pressings


    Another important proses in productions which is result in high standard of product with right sizes.

  • Plating


    By applying this it will provides better protection to our products thus to be more sustainable in long durations.

  • Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment

    It is the most important process to get metal to tenacity.

  • Main Company
  • 2rd Factory

Company History

Main Company

Pacific Precise International Co. Ltd. is founded by Mr. Peter Wu who is the chairman of the board. After many years of establishment, we have managed to accumulate wealth of experience in the production of goods tied to control the relevant goods, especially ratchet buckles, cam buckles, winches, snap hooks, carabiners, and other products are well recognized by international buyers.

Company History

2rd Factory

Since 1992, we have established another factory in China More production to meet future demand.


Messages from the Pacific Precise International Quality Assurance Department : 
'' When we are thinking about how to create better performance of the goods bundled equipment, the quality of the products is what we want put it as our priority. As a professional manufacturer, we are very concerned about the quality of the products before deliver it to our customers. From  raw materials, the process of semi-finished products, until the final output of the finished product, all by a series of standardized precision testing to protect our products pestle is safe, accurate and durable. '' 

Quality Analysis of Raw Materials

Prior to production, we'll ensure that all purchased raw materials will be inspected carefully in advance in order to meet the high standard of production requirements.

Product Sizes & Breaking Strength Inspection

Precision and accuracy for the sizes of components are the key to the quality product assembly. By using the breaking strength testing devices such as hardness tester, and coordinate measuring & pressure testing machine, we will be able to ensure that the our products have good ability to sustain the breaking strength test, Besides that, we have additional devices for testing such as coating thickness testing, and other auxiliary measurement tools to help us achieve good quality of products.

3D Design

3D Design

By go through this process we could ensure each output will be product presicely produce and no errors will be tolerate when comes to the production. This could help us produce standard products at minimum costs.

Breaking Strength Testing Machine

Breaking Strength Testing Machine

The series of tensile testing machine for rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproof materials, wire and cable, net rope, wire, metal rods, metal plates and other materials, tensile test, with additional compression can do bending test.

Hardess Tester

Harness Tester

This is one of the important performance indicators of the product. Generally the higher the hardness, better wear resistance.

Coordinate Measuring Machine Tester

Coordinate Measuring Machine Tester

3D laser scanner can quickly scan the measured object, it doesn't require to be reflected by the remote prism, you can directly obtain the high-density three-dimensional coordinates of the scanning point, with a rapid and accurate three-dimensional rendering capabilities.

Certification Bodies



  • FM36236
  • Certificate
  • Certificate